According to the World Health Organisation, there are about 50 million people living with Dementia of which about 60% are in middle and lower income countries. The projection is that this number will increase to 82mil by 2030 and 152mil by 2050. Statistically 5 - 8% of the population older than 60 suffers from Dementia and of grave concern is that approximately 9% of cases reported are for “young onset Dementia” (under the age of 65). The Global societal costs of Dementia in 2015 was estimated at $818bil equal to 1.1% of global GDP! We see and experience these statistics all around us every day. 

A major problem currently faced in the Dementia Care industry in South Africa is that Gereatric housing facilities are built with pure economics in mind from the perspective of the traditional developer - build the sellable units first to get cash flow in, build the caring facilities and extra curricular activity centres last - and don't overspend on them as that is a cost centre. One can understand this, but this method has over time created the scenario that the aged have ended up in homes where they have developed Dementia and now those homes are not suitably equipped to care for them. Also, due to the growth in the number of diagnosed cases as highlighted by the WHO, with insufficient dedicated Dementia care facilities being built in South Africa, a need has arisen - a need HCF will address.    



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